If there were a way for you to break through your inhibitions, and accomplish more of the lifetime achievements that are important to you, you'd want to know about that wouldn't you? 

We are all in the same boat, we have a wish list of things we would like to do, but something holds us back.  That is why I wrote .Jump Out of Your Boat . Here we look at dozens of situations and experiences to see how others have broken through their own barriers.  This was a fun book to write, I expect you will find it equally fun to read.

The real boat we are jumping out of, is the self limiting set of rules we have for ourselves called ‘inhibitions’. The consideration of our life as a journey can very well be viewed as a voyage in a boat. We sail, and we see new lands, new ideas, potential experiences, and yet we are only spectators if we fail to get out and truly make them ours. The voyage becomes an adventure when we Jump out of our boat.

Being a Christian author you will find some points of faith in this work. 

One reviewer identified the book as:

"A perfect book to read at the beach"

It is light reading (most of the time), and this description fits well with my intention. 

I hope you find the book entertaining, and insightful.

Wishing you smooth sailing, and big adventures

Fred Walker


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A good day of fishing.