Jump Out of Your Boat



The Leadership Boat Components:

The hull is what we know, our education, our experience, our training.  Yet without the other components it goes nowhere.

The power is our skill set.  Skills are different than knowledge as they are action based.  Things we can do well, work habits we have formed, integrity we have created in the minds of others.  Still the boat only moves in a strait line with no choice of direction without control.


The steering is our attitude, mindset, beliefs, and values.  This mental package is often what determines a persons success.  Often if we have two individuals with equal knowledge and skill sets, it is the one with the most optimistic, collaborative, mindset that will be more successful.

The 10 Anchors of Leadership From the book

“Jump Out of Your Boat”                           

·        Take action, be the initiator

·        Stand up and conquer your limitations

·        Your enthusiasm is contagious

·        Take risks try new ideas

·        Develop a vision of your goals

·        Work past first impressions

·        Go to the decision maker

·        Partners, ownership mentality

·        Collaborate, let the people be the solution

·        Truly support your team

 This is a highly interactive workshop which is flexible in terms of delivery time.  Whether it is presented as a 90 minute breakout session or a half day leadership development study, participants will have fun and gain insight into their personal leadership approach.

By focusing on and discussing the Anchors of Leadership, participants will make commitments to take action and grow as influential contributors to their organization.

Through Interactive exercises, guided discussions, and entertaining informational illustrations from the book “Jump Out of Your Boat”, master facilitator Fred Walker delivers a meaningful and fun event for your team.


Tapping Your Creative Magic

This is a dynamic workshop on creativity which is flexible in terms of delivery time.  Whether it is presented as a 90 minute breakout session or a half day creativity scrub down, participants will have fun and gain insight into ways to be more innovative personally and with others.  This workshop can be focused toward:

  • Creativity and Innovation
  • Problem Solving
  • Decision Making

Through learning several magic tricks Fred Walker a master magician recognized nationally as a lecturer for magicians, demonstrates creative dynamics.  Through the magic pieces, participants get a “hands on” approach to expanding their capacity to accomplish things which previously seemed impossible.


By participating in exercises rooted in the works of Viola Spollin, the skills of thinking on our feet, interacting with others, and imaginative imagery are expanded.  These skills are tied to business development and creative execution on processes already in place within an organization.


The five actions of creativity identified in the workshop:

1.  Take Risks

2.  Develop vision

3.  Model past success

4.  Adapt ideas

5.  Work your idea hard


Workshop objectives:


Learning to stack the deck in our favor

Deciding what creativity is, and what it is not

Seeding your creative thinking

Setting a commitment to action